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Drought Watch Vernon

Drought Watch Vernon

Many Texoman towns are being hurt deeply by the regional drought. The town of Vernon is trying to combat its drought troubles by adding on one more water well. Vernon Mayor Jeff Bearden said the town was looking to use any resources they believe could help bring Vernon back into stage 3 drought conditions.

 "Right now it's one extra well, we've got about 35 wells in the well field. We try to rotate the use of them to try and make the best use of what we got and it'll probably add 250 gallons a minute or 130,000 gallons a day," said Bearden.

According to Bearden Vernon residents having been doing their fair share to help the city save water.

"Our citizens have done a really nice job of conserving water, the plan tries to encourage people to conserve up to 20% over normal use and our citizens have come in at closer to 30% which is a good thing on water conservation. It hurts us a little bit on water revenue, but we will adjust for that," said Beardon.

Bearden went on to say that this new well will help maintain and support commercial, industrial and agricultural needs. Bearden said it's vital that all in Vernon have the water they need to support what they're doing. It will still take mother natures rain to help bring water levels back to where they ultimately should be.

The well will cost $70,000 and should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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