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Nonprofit Offers Counseling To Immigrants Seeking Citizenship

Proyecto Inmigrante, a nonprofit organization opened its doors Wednesday in Wichita Falls.

“We need to recognize the immigrant is not a stranger, it is not a foreigner. This land was built by immigrants," said Father Hector Medina, Cofounder of Proyecto Inmigrante.

It’s organization mission is to assist and provide legal family counseling for immigrants seeking citizenship.

"People who were born in Mexico but raised here. They’re educated here. They pay taxes here. So Projecto Immigrante helps them legalize their status here in the United States. Also, seeks to stop the mass deportation and separation of families," said Father Medina.

Father Medina said he spent 16 years in the Wichita Falls before relocating to Arlington, Texas and says he knows all well Texoma has a huge population of illegal immigrants. However, he says the opportunity to help is what brings him back.

“Go to any restaurant in this city, in Wichita Falls. Go into the kitchen, and listen to the music that is played in the restaurants.  The Hispanic community is the ones who cooks the best Chinese food, Japanese food, Italian food, all the fast food, and if you go there in the morning you're going to hear, "Pio Lin Por la manana" so yes the need is there and the numbers are here," said Father Medina.

The organization said the reason for opening an office in Wichita Falls is because of the long distances immigrants would have to travel to work towards becoming a United States citizen. The closest locations are in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

“We bring immigration to them. What happens in the Metroplex and Dallas/Fort worth area is very easy for people who live in that area, but it's not for people that live in this area," said Father Medina.

For more information on Proyecto Inmigrante and its services visit link.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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