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Texomans Gather At Lake Wichita To Pray

The ongoing drought continues to be a concern for residents in Texoma. While government officials are looking to cloud seeding to help bring rain, some residents are reaching to the man above for results. 

Dodie Robey, Wichita Falls resident says the drought has had a huge affect on the community, "It's hard on everybody, it affects everything around us, it affects our business, what you do for a living, what you water your yards with.” 

Dodie a believer of God and prayer, said one day when reading a spiritual devotional she thought of the idea to hold a prayer meeting on the bed of Lake Wichita.

She said the power of prayer changes things and believes God will “deliver rain to us.”

This past weekend, the area seen the largest rainfall event since the drought, but Dodie says Texoma needs more. 

"We can always use more. It was a great blessing to have it, but we need more like that,” said Robey.

Robey along with residents gathered for fellowship and prayer on the bed of Lake Wichita, which was covered with water a few years ago, but residents said the lake has seen better days. 

"We need rain so desperately in this area and God tells us that if we have needs and we ask him, he'll fulfill those needs and so we're asking,” said Susan Darter, Wichita Falls resident. 

"We come together as a community of believers that believe in a God that listens to every word we say. So if we ask God for rain, we have a God that listens and of course he will bring us rain," said Mike Ruso, Wichita Falls resident. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6  
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