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Terminal Topper

Terminal Topper

The new terminal at the Wichita Falls regional airport is now completed, well structurally completed. Monday the new Wichita Falls Regional airport celebrated the topping out of the structure.

"Today we're having a topping out ceremony for all practical purposes structurally the building has now reached completion before we buttoned up the structure we wanted the opportunity to show this off to the city officials the community at large," said Dave Lilley of Trinity Hughes Construction.

Many city, county, and state representatives could be seen permanently leaving their mark in black sharpie writing on the final structure beam.

"This project did not begin in the last couple years to be perfectly honest, this project is, the better part of two decades in the making," said Lilley.

The aviation board started discussing the possibilities of a new terminal back in the 1990's. In 2011 architects started drawing the concept and blueprint art for the new terminal. It was not until August of last year that the first crews started construction.

"This was a necessity going back many years ago. The existing terminal is over 50 years old and horribly antiquated," said Lilley.

The new terminal and its 26 million dollar price tag will include 50,000 square feet of brand new terminal, airport administration offices and a section of the North Texas History Museum. Mayor Glenn Barham said the new terminal can bring new opportunity to the region.

"Hopefully it will benefit our economic development as well as our partners at the Sheppard Air Force Base. One of the problems web had is not enough carriers we think we can support two carriers here, but there has not been space for two carriers in the old facility. It's just a regional asset that's going to be very beneficial to the entire region," said Barham.

                The new beam was hoisted up and bolted into place where it will stand today. What will this new airport do for the future of Wichita Falls? Sky's the limit.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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