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Homework Stress

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A recent study conducted by Stanford University found a positive correlation between the amount of hours studied, and the amount of stress one would feel. This leaves the question, do students who study less succeed more?

Dr. Mattar, a family practitioner said, "An intense workload without a doubt affects students ability to focus, retain and utilize information properly."

As Texas Star standardized testing comes into perspective, students are cramming all they can to pass and graduate from high school. Dr. Mattar suggested that students should spread out their work load and that the more students paid attention in class, the less amount of work they would have to do outside of class. 

"Well stress in general whether it's a student or an individual, it can affect their ability to concentrate," said Dr. Mattar. "It may affect their ability to learn new things and to acquire knowledge and to utilize that knowledge. so it does impact you in all areas of the learning process."

Dr. Mattar said that a heavy work load is doable with the right environment and healthy support from the students family and household. Three things that will help students with a heavy work load include prioritizing, time management and utilizing your academic resources. 

Brody Carter
News Channel 6
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