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New Attorney Takes Over In Electra

On Tuesday, City Commissioners in Electra all voted in favor to appoint a new City Attorney.

Bruce Harris, a familiar name in the Texoma community will now serve as Electra’s new City Attorney. Providing all legal counsel for the city as well as city elected and appointed officials.

This decision to find a new attorney, comes after a video surfaced on YouTube, involving former city attorney Todd Greenwood.

Greenwood made inappropriate comments about the city reflecting it in a bad light, prompting city officials not to renew his contract in February.

Electra Mayor, Curtis Warner said the appointment of the new City Attorney is a step in the right direction.

"We're going forward. We'll have a full police almost, we'll have an attorney working with us and we've got a good team put together now or we're expecting to continue down the right road and do a lot of things good for the city of Electra," said Warner.

Electra resident, Carlos Byars said he just hopes the new attorney is someone who will have all Electra residents' best interest.

"I just hope that he has as much concern for the citizens as a group as he has for any specific individual that's a member city hall," said Byars.

Byars said he also would like the new attorney to be more transparent with residents.

“Be able to respond responsibly to the citizens of Electra that's what I want him to do. Not hiding behind the fuzzy little legal details," said Byars.

However, Mayor Curtis Warner said the biggest obstacle now is to get  Electra residents to let the past go and look forward to its future.

“I would like the town and the city to quit beating this thing around. It's settled. We're moving on,” said Mayor Warner.

Bruce Harris contract with the city of Electa will go into effect April 1. Harris contract is for 18 months.

Electra City Administrator Larry Pannell told Newschannel 6 that Harris services will only cost the city half of what it paid former City Attorney Todd Greenwood and his assistant. Greenwood made $30,000 a year and his assistant made $26,000.  

Harris contract is structured differently from Greenwood’s. The city will pay Harris a monthly retainer of $1800 for 12 hours of legal services and for any hours over that the city will be charged $150 per hour.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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