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WFISD Partnership with Vernon College?

WFISD Partnership with Vernon College?

Over 24 million dollars of the Wichita Falls Independent School Districts 125 million dollar bond proposal will go towards investments in early college career and technical education. Vernon College has agreed to partner up with the school district in an effort to give students a better pathway to a higher education. Many of the programs at Vernon College are taught at night, leaving many labs vacant during daytime hours. If the WFISD bond proposal is passed, then Wichita Falls students could soon be filling and learning in these empty daytime labs.

 So they are not just getting a class in high school, they're getting a class in high school that could lead them towards a certification or a certificate or an associates degree. Basically what we're trying to do is get the kids a skilled trade. Whether it's where they begin or where they finish, but to give them a skill that they can

Earn a decent wage and be productive members of society is a huge benefit to our community," said Michelle Wood, Director of Continuing Education at Vernon College.

The Community Facilities Action team worked directly with the WFISD school board and even the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce to help build the bond proposal. Teresa Cave is Co-Chair of CFAT she said this career tech investment is essential to helping build a better community.

"We need kids to go to college, but we also need students to have the opportunity that they can graduate from college with a work ready certificate so that we have a more attractive workforce when the chamber is trying to recruit businesses to come to Wichita Falls," said Cave.

Cave said this tech center can help Wichita Falls compete not just nationally, but internationally as a productive workforce. The tech center could provide the region with skills and trades essential to the community growth. According to Cave if the city does make the investment Wichita Falls would become more attractive to families looking to settle down in the area.

WFISD said that the programs offered through career tech will be chosen after the bond is passed. Transportation to and from career tech will also be decided on after passage of the bond.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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