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Daycare Drought Watch

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Wichita Falls, TX - In-home daycare's are feeling the pinch in their pockets during the drought this season, and workers are complaining that the city isn't doing their part to help small businesses. 

Sandy Cadena, owner of Sandy's Little Darlings said, "My water rates are extremely high, double for what my neighbors pay for normal residential."

Cadena is forced to pay two forms of both water and sewage utilities. She's paid over one hundred dollars in one month and is doing everything she can to save water.

"Last year alone, just to save water for the city of Wichita falls, we spent over $11,000," said Cadena. 

Cadena's suggested solutions that come all the way from Oxford California during their drought fourteen years ago. It's a bag about the size of a big gulp that can be placed into the tank of a toilet to conserve and save water. Another product Cadena suggested was a special shower head with a water gauge button that lets the user channel the flow of water. 

Both of these products were given to Cadena by the city of Oxford, California years ago as a way to salvage her water. These are two solutions that could be promising if the drought continues to worsen. 

Although Sandy's tuition haven't gone up, she is sure that the city will impose a new water saving strategy. Anything new imposed by the city is sure to take more money from sandy's pocket. 

Brody Carter
News Channel 6