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Saving More Than Lives

Expansion as well as improvements have been made to the Olney Hamilton Hospital. Within the past year, a new family clinic and rehab and wellness center have been added.

5 specialists from around Texoma are now going to the Olney Family Clinic twice a month and they are saving much more than residents' lives.

"Most of the time, we would have to send out a referral and then the patient could see the doctor whenever he had an appointment," said the Family Physician at the Olney Family Clinic, Jeremy Johnson.

Having specialists like a General Surgeon, an Oncologist and an O.B./G.Y.N. means many Olney residents will no longer have to make the commute to Wichita Falls for extra medical assistance.

"For the community of Olney, I think it's great to see their specialist here and they don't even have to leave the community or take a day off of work," said CEO of the Hamilton Hospital District, Michael Huff.

A year ago, the Olney Family Clinic and Rehab and Wellness center was built, which led to Wichita Falls, General Surgeon, Fredrick Langer showing interest.

"For a great part of it, it's just getting a way for a little bit.  Anytime you're traveling to see the doctor it is a big thing. It costs money and time, time from work, time and gas for them to take a couple hours out of their day to do which is hard, said General Surgeon, Langer.

Specialists like Langer will see about five to ten patients a day when they commute to the Olney Family Clinic which also helps the clinic's physicians.

"There some things that medical documentation can't give us. It gives us a face to face opportunity to speak with the specialist and then give direct questions about our specific patients," said Johnson.

About 3 more Texoma specialists are looking to make the commute to the Olney Family Clinic. Due to the large amount of specialist interests, the Olney Family Clinic will soon expand, adding another wing with more exam rooms and offices for physicians.

Taylor Barnes, Newchannel 6
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