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Heroin In Schools?

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Heroin, a drug known for it's devastating effects and terrible reputation is on the rise in Wichita County. Heroin's targets are high school students because of it's cheap price and availability. Heroin can now be purchased for about ten dollars and can come in a pill capsule form, making the dangers of heroin even more daunting. 

Sgt. Scott Hogue, a law enforcement officer for more than twenty years said that Heroin is a very real threat.

"Yeah we've actually seen it come into wichita county, there is heroine coming into the county and this is the first time we've had a problem with it in over twenty years," said Hogue.

Gloria Bond-Stanford, a counselor at Burkburnett High School says that drugs are more likely to end up in the hands of either freshman or sophomores.

"We hear more about it with the younger students, I think simply because maybe in their experimental stages," said Bond-Stanford.

Burkburnett's been monitoring drugs within the school, and are taking every precaution they can.

"We have an officer on campus, Said Bond-Stanford. "Just this week we had the drug dogs out. They check the cars and those kinds of things. And we make sure they stay on top of that. 

Every door in Burkburnett is locked and there is a security window at the front door that requires your drivers license. The receptionist then takes a picture of your ID and turns it into a sticker badge that visiting patrons must wear. 

Heroin isn't the only drug on the rise. Sargent Hogue said there's been an increase in the abuse of prescription drugs and k-two within the highschool. 

Since Heroin is the cheapest drug in comparison to marijuana, hopefully all schools in Wichita County are doing their part to eradicate the narcotic.

Brody Carter
News Channel 6 
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