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Instrumental Instruction

Instrumental Instruction

Over 200 Wichita County Orchestra Students were able to work with professional musicians for over two hours Thursday afternoon. The group Time For Three, or TF3 for short, hosted a workshop to teach the students that it's okay to break the mold and inspire kids to be more than the traditional classical performer. Rider High School First Chair Violinist Luke Barker said TF3 inspired him change the way he looks at his violin.

"They really kind of re-invent classical music they did a lot of new techniques I've never seen before," said Barker.

Rider High School Orchestra and Band Director Loy Studer said the workshop helped his students see how they can use orchestra as a tool for them to receive an education and a career. Studer said his students pick up techniques and skills that they were not always able to give them in the classroom.

"It's cool they see orchestra guys dress in contemporary clothes and combat boots and you know look like rock stars and it's fun for them to see that," said Studer.

The Wichita Falls Youth Symphony was able to get more than a hands on experience with TF3. The Youth Symphony was able to rehearse two songs it will perform with the group from the pit of Memorial Auditorium this coming Saturday. Hunter Sanchez plays violin, viola and piano, however, come Saturday Hunter will perform on stage with TF3 and Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra.

"I've been waiting for this concert the whole year cause TF3, I look up to them. We got to experience playing the song with them beforehand and they're teaching us how to play the music how they want it," said Sanchez.

The group went over beat exercises and helped students mark up their sheet music with changes. Bassist Ranaan Meyer said he found his passion for music when he was fifteen years old playing jazz and the blues.

"I was fortunate to have a teacher that played jazz and classical, he showed me that classical music had so much to offer and it has been just a conduit to all sorts of styles of music," said Meyer.

Violinist Zach De Pue said all three musicians were educated in the disciplines of traditional classical music.

"From that discipline we broke out playing different styles of music," said De Pue.

Violinist Nick Kendall said TF3 was eager to embrace the idea of local youth musicians playing with them at this Saturdays concert.

"I was just curious to see how much they would throw back through their instruments with energy and it was incredible, it was so it's just natural," said Kendall.

TF3 will play with the Wichita Falls Symphony at the Memorial Auditorium this Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets for the game are priced between $25 to $30 student tickets are $5.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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