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U.S. Autism Rates Increase

One in 68 kids has Autism, that’s according to a new study by the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Newschannel 6 reached out to a mom in Texoma whose son  was diagnosed with the illness. 

"We knew that he had signs of autism when he was two, three and four, but I didn't know that it was Autism," said Tiffany Humpert, a Texoma mother with a child who has Autism.

Humpert said it was until her son was in the second grade those signs became a reality. 

"He didn't have the social component that all the other kids his age had," said Humpert.

According to the CDC, even more kids will have to accept this reality of being diagnosed with Autism, because the illness is on the rise. 

Humpert said she was shocked when the CDC released new numbers on Thursday.

“I had a little bit of shock because when you put that number to paper, that's one kid in every couple of classrooms. That's a lot of kids in our community,” said Humpert.

Mason Longford, 16, said he had to learn how to cope with the illness. 

"I took social classes. I learned what to say in public and what not to say in public,” said Longford. 

However, admits its a daily journey as a kid with Autism.

"Sometimes, I still have struggles. You know, listening in class. Sometimes I just zone out and I'm like is he done talking yet,” said Longford.

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Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

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