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Ethanol Erosion

Ethanol, a solvent used in gasoline is damaging our vehicles on the road. Ethanol corrodes the important metal mechanics of a car including pistons, ring bearings and the cam shaft. Ethanol is a solvent put into gasoline to lower it's price and preserve the environment. Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros.

Tommy Antwine, Service Manager at Patterson's Auto Group said, "Ethanol also lowers gas mileage, corrodes your metal and lowers the car's performance power." 

He also said that it's not a good alternative to gas since they haven't perfected it to the point that it burns as good as gasoline. During the summer months, gas is more expensive than in the winter because there is less ethanol and other additives diluting gasoline. 

When talking about how much it could cost to repair a corroded vehicle, Tommy Antwine said, "you're looking at a couple thousand, to three thousand dollars in repairs. We've got one in the back of the shop right now."

Gas pumps always indicate how high the ethanol rating is, making it the drivers responsibility to check what's being put in their tank. Cars not built for higher levels of ethanol will begin to experience problems with their vehicles when using gas with an ethanol rating higher than ten percent. 

Brody Carter
Newschannel 6
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