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Texoma Killing Cocaine Crops in Colombia

Texoma Killing Cocaine Crops in Colombia

A local Texoma company is playing a major role in the war on drugs. Friday morning current Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs paid a visit to show his appreciation for the AT-802 Narcotic Crop Eradication Ariel Spray Aircrafts that are made in Olney at Air Tractor Incorporated. The planes help eradicate hundreds of thousands of cocaine crops in Colombia.

"We asked you for a miracle and we said please deliver that miracle in about two or three months time and the answer was yes," said Brownfield.

In October and November of 2013 two U.S. State Department pilots were killed while trying to kill off the very same cocacocaineps.

"We need an aircraft so that when people are shooting at it the aircraft can survive the impact," said Brownfield.

The U.S. Secretary said the mission to take down these plants and the drug lords who grown them is a constant battle. Brownfield said that there is not a week goes by where the Colombian narcotic crop killing missions don't take rounds of gunfire from the drug lords that run them.

"Stopping a bullet is a tricky thing cause its going two thousand twenty five hundred feet a second and you've got to stop it in about this much distance," said Jim Corning President of Kinetic Defense who helped design the layers of material that defeat the bullets.

Corning said the designs started out as just another project until he met one of the U.S. State Department pilots that fly these missions.

"The armor defeated the bullets and he said you know that material saved my life that really put a human face on it suddenly it was not just an engineering project it was much more personal," said Corning.

One of the planes could be seen flying south towards Colombia to carry out yet another one of these dangerous missions to help keep our country and the world clear of the cocaine addiction.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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