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Four with Three

Four with Three

Four Texoman youths were able to play on stage with the Wichita Falls Symphony and Time For Three Saturday night. All four said it was the opportunity of a lifetime to get a real chance to play with the pros.

"For me, it's an honor to play with all these great musicians Time For Three is Amazing I wish I had the opportunity to play again with them," said Mateo Auz, cello.

Saturday night's performance was the final showcase for the WFSO this season. However, TF3 is now on their way to places like Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and other states. Violinist Brooke Whyrick said she dreams of one day touring to play music just like them.

"I love playing with professionals that do this for a living and yes, I do aspire to be that," said Whyrick.

All four musicians had to audition for the chance to play with the WFSO on stage. They were trained and mentored by WFSO musicians. Arron Mercer, french horn, saw first hand the time and effort needed to prepare for this performance.

"It really gives you an understanding of the time and dedication it requires to be in a symphony so I think that's really beneficial to us," said Mercer.

Violist Hunter Sanchez said it was a different experience to play on stage with the touring trio TF3. Sanchez said he looks up the TF3 because their approach to music and how they play it.

"It was an amazing experience TF3 is just so interactive and they brought the audience into the music with them," said Sanchez. The show was just under two hours long and contained everything from Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms, Eleanor Rigby/Blackbird by the Beatles and closed with The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniel's Band.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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