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Understanding the Bond: Safety & Security Upgrades

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The Wichita Falls ISD School Board is calling for a four million dollar security investment that would go toward safety and security upgrades as part of its 2014 WFISD bond proposal. Though the four million dollars were the lowest monetary cost of all items proposed WFISD School Board President Kevin Goldstein said that safety and security was of the highest importance.

"We asked parents what was one of the most important things they have in relation to what their kids and safety and security was at the top of that list," said Goldstein.

The security upgrades will include everything from video surveillance, facility lighting, mass alert systems, fencing, signage, building enhancements and access control entrance systems. As of now not all schools have the dual access if you go into register at a school. Goldstein said that it's important the schools are able to know and keep track of who is entering the building and when.

"So we're just going with a little more heightened security that will be addressed at every one of the schools so that no school is different, they will all have the same access requirements," said Goldstein.

So how did the school board decide on that four million dollar total?

"That number was going to do what we wanted it to do for that video surveillance and dial access," said Goldstein.

The school district has already purchased some software for those access control entrance systems. The vote for the bond will be held Saturday May 10th. Below is a link to both the WFISD School Board 2014 bond proposal information as well as locations to vote at.


Jack Carney, Newschannel 6