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Policing Social Media

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Wichita Falls, TX - Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are now being monitored by Burkburnett Police.

Lieutenant Lahoma Vaughn at Burkburnett Police Department said, "There's so many people now and that's how they communicate. So more and more, we're using those types of tools to go in and get that information."

According to Vaughn, any police officer can go into Facebook and monitor what you and others are posting, and nothing is off limits. 

Police officials do not discriminate against age, race and sex. Instead, Burkburnett has two detectives trained in online social criminal activity.

Social media is only the beginning to Burkburnett's online monitoring.

Vaughn said that Burkburnett has a plethora of special websites created for police officers to monitor the web. You need to have a log in, user name and password with permission to access these websites.

Vaughn cautions all people using social media to filter what you put onto your web pages. Sharing too much information also enables hackers and thieves to monitor your life as well. 

Anyone who has any information that they would like to give the Burkburnett Police Department should go to www.burkburnett.org and they can directly e-mail the chief of police with any concern, complaints or tips. 

Brody Carter
Newschannel 6