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5 Names Considered for Consolidated School

The top five names for the Barwise/Zundy consolidated site were presented to the Wichita Falls Independent School Board Monday night.  The potential names have been discussed and narrowed down from 94 names to five by a committee of 22 W.F.I.S.D. teachers and parents since December.

The five names presented to W.F.I.S.D. board members were Merle Anthony Leadership Academy, Wichita Falls Leadership Academy, Barwise Leadership Academy, Central Leadership Academy and Kemp Leadership Academy.  All five names having the words leadership and academy in common.

"It's really a marriage of the two campuses and they really wanted that leadership academy to continue and just have more students enrolled in it," said Executive Director of School Administration, Debby Patterson.

Five school mascots and colors for each of the school names were also discussed at Monday's meeting having the school board members consider the current two meeting policy.

"Our policy does read that the naming and renaming of the school would allow us to have two consecutive board meetings.  One, we hear what the names are and then other time the board needs to think.  We would deliberate in the second meeting or if we needed more time to rename the school or to take consideration of what they presented," said W.F.I.S.D. School Board President, Kevin Goldstein.

Changing the name of the Barwise/Zundy consolidation site does come with a price.

"We also asked a few questions about cost and what that is and it looks like the administration has to get us some more numbers on it," said Goldstein.

Ultimately, the school name of the Barwise/Zundy consolidated site is the School Board member's decision.

Over the next month, the School Board will go over questions, hear feedback from administration, parents and the community regarding the 5 school names.  The next school board meeting to discuss and potentially vote on the name of the Barwise/Zundy consolidated site will be April 21st.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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