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Wichita Falls Pet Ordinance

Wichita Falls Pet Ordinance

You will soon have to pay a fee or face a fine if you plan to breed, sell, or transfer a dog or cat. The Wichita Falls City Council passed an ordinance that alters the city's definition of a pet shop, requires spaying or neutering for retrieving previously reclaimed animals as well as regulated the breeding sale and transfer of dogs and cats. The chamber room was packed with people both for and against the ordinance amendment.

"A lot of people are going to take those kittens or take those puppies box EM up and set them on Lou's doorstep," said Walter King.

As in Lou Kridler Director of Health for the Wichita Falls Public Health Department. Kridler has been spending the last three years pushing for passage of this ordinance.

It breaks down like this you will have to pay a $50 fee for a litter permit if you wish to give away animals for free. Those who plan to profit from the sale of animals will have to pay $100 for a breeding permit. Pet owners can have those fees waived if they get the animal spayed. Those who own animals, specifically for breeding purposes will have to pay a $50 stud permit.

If the city picks up your pet you will still be able to pick it at the animal service center except this time the city will ask that you spay or neuter your animal. The city will waive your fee's if you comply and get your animal altered. If you decide to forge alteration the city will mandate that you get your pet fixed.

City council members like Annetta Dotson asked how the WFPHD plans to enforce the new ordinance.

"Currently we don't have any teeth or any way in the ordinance to regulate that these changes in the ordinance will allow us to go on speaking to the owner educate them and insure they are getting the appropriate permits," said Kridler.

Wichita Falls resident Kendra Maroney said she was in support of the recently passed legislation.

"It seems only fair that the pet owners who are contributing to and profiting from this problem be charged to correct it," said Maroney.

Currently the Wichita Falls animal service center is overcrowded and has to put down hundreds of animals a year. Those who do not comply with the new rules and regulation will be cited and fined no more than $500.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6
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