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Cloud Seeding Flares

There are two types of flares that are being used during cloud seeding in Texoma.

Both of them contain silver iodide, but the temperature of the clouds is what makes them choose what type of flare they are going to use.  One type of flare is used for cool temperatures.  While the other one is used for warm temperatures.

Before going in the air to seed, they will monitor the temperature of the clouds they plan to seed.  If they are cool then they will use the cool flares.  If they are warm they will use the warm flares.  A lot of times this depends on the height of the cloud because the higher you are in the atmosphere, the cooler the temperatures become.

Sometimes there are mixed temperatures in the clouds.  This will prompt them to use both flares.  The cool flares will seed the top parts of the clouds, while the warm flares will seed the lower level of the clouds.
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