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Understanding the Bond: Hirschi Upgrades

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The WFISD School Board is calling for $10 million dollars worth of upgrades to Hirschi High School including but not limited to a new front entrance facade, HVAC and building upgrades, handicap accessibility and improved athletic fields with metal bleachers. Trey Sralla is the Vice President for the WFISD School Board Sralla said there won't be any specific details as to all of the things that are going to happen at the school until the bond is passed.

"Well, bring in staff, community members a lot of people there to put their input on exactly what all the needs at Hirschi will be," said Sralla.

Because of the recent drought restrictions the fields at Hirschi High School cannot be watered and have not been for months. That means they can't be maintained properly. Sralla said part of the $10 million will go towards turf fields. They would allow the school to maintain its athletic fields and help the city of Wichita Falls conserve water.

"I do hear people talk about whether we are going to keep water in mind when we design these facilities whether we do renovations or brand new facilities. It's called an athletic stadium the word stadium is used pretty loosely  its going to be a bleached practice field. Staff as well as the administration will have a determination they will be able to either play their home games out of memorial stadium or they may be able to play some of their home games right there on campus," said Sralla.

The building its self is in good condition compared to the other two high schools but it does need some upgrades and modernizing. Sralla advises that people read over the bond for themselves before they make a decision to vote either for or against it. The vote will be held May 10Th, early voting runs from April 28th through May 6th.

Below is a link to the WFISD bond information.


Jack Carney, Newschannel 6