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IDEA Wichita Falls Awards

An unsuspecting turn of events occurred today at the IDEA WF awards ceremony. Two companies received first place, getting their piece of the $75,000 grand prize.

The two entrepreneurial companies to win first place were Bio-Pure and Kanga-Wear.

Bio-pure is a company that focuses on the cleansing of all infectious bacteria. They took home $35,000 of the prize money. Kanga-Wear, a company producing parental kangaroo pouches took home $12,000. Other costs covered by the prize money includes all lawyer and marketing expenses.

Carol Osborne-Crow, one of the entrepreneurs for  Kanga-Wear said, "we actually get our first order tomorrow, and we're in the patton process trying to continue that." 

"Hopefully we'll be able to have it up and running by June," said Osborne-Crow

Attendees and entrepreneurs were treated with guest speaker, CEO of Sonic fast food. They also enjoyed a buffet-style lunch catered by Sonic. 

Tickets for the even sold out quickly and IDEA W.F. is already looking forward to next years sixth annual competition. 

If you are an entrepreneur with a good business plan or you just happened to miss this years event, log on to for more detail.s

Brody Carter
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