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6 On Your Side: Fired Electra Police Chief Fires Back

The original list, dated Aug. 27, 2013, was given to Morris by City Administrator Larry Pannell. Pannell detailed 28 complaints against Morris personally and the way he ran the police department. 

On September 5, 2013, Morris responded with rebuttals to each of Pannell's claims. Morris said the claims range from "exaggerations to outright lies."
Morris could not speak with Newschannel 6 about the issue for more insight beyond his written response because he has filed a lawsuit against the city in the U.S. Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Click here to see the full list of Morris' rebuttals and click here to see the original list from Pannell.

Pannell claimed Morris had damaged relationships with neighboring law enforcement agencies by interfering with their work. However, Morris points to his continued membership with the Texas Oklahoma Criminal Investigators Association as proof that his relationship with outside agencies is fine. 
In his written response, Morris said he is confident Pannell can check with any neighboring agency and see his interactions with them are "far and above most expectations."
There are two claims against him that Morris said are for things done at every police department. The first is recording all incoming phone calls.
I checked with the Wichita Falls police department and they do record any incoming and outgoing calls to and from the public. WFPD officials also confirmed this is standard procedure in every police department. 
However, the second thing Morris said is done everywhere is calling people who have a warrant out in their name. WFPD officials said this is not done in Wichita Falls. The warrants are served without a prior phone call to warn the wanted person. 

Morris also disputes the claims of poor treatment of some officers on the force. Morris said he never gave any officer a dishonorable discharge, which is contrary to one of the deficiencies in Pannell's letter.

Morris also addressed the accusation of not including one officer in "the family" as Pannell put it in his list. The original list said Sergeant Billy Walker was not invited to sign a resolution that was signed by nearly all others members of the department.

In his rebuttal, Morris said he had nothing to do with the signing. He also said the resolution was drafted by the other employees saying they did not feel safe working with Walker. Morris said this was probably the reason Walker was not asked to sign. 

Morris is also accused of creating a hostile work environment by holding it against the officers if they did something with which he did not agree. In particular Pannell said Morris had a negative attitude toward Sergeant Walker and cut his hours after he testified against Morris.

However, Morris said Walker asked to be taken off the schedule. Pannell has told Newschannel 6 in past conversations that Walker did in fact ask to be removed from the schedule in order to focus on his other business. 
Christina Myers
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