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Inside the Medicine Cabinet

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Taking medication is a daily routine for seventy percent of Americans. Over half take two or more medicines. Those taking more than one medication, whether it be prescription, OTC or vitamin supplements,  could be subject to some serious health concerns.

Chuck Weaver, head Pharmacist at Trott's Call Field Drug said that any concoction of medication causing drowsiness can cause devastating effects.

"The drowsiness will affect the whole body and many if not most medications do cause some sort of drowsiness, and whenever you combine them that's when people have respiratory depression and other issues that go along with that," said Weaver. 

Mixing the wrong kinds of medication can cause what is called a synergistic affect, and this binding of medication can be deadly.

"The synergistic affect is kind of like, one plus one equals three," said Weaver. "You have two medicines that will cause drowsiness on their own, but altogether they both cause a whole lot more drowsiness than if they were taken alone."

Knowing the facts about your prescribed medication can save your health, and even your life. Make sure you consult your doctor before starting any new medication including vitamins and herbal supplements. 

Brody Carter
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