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Understanding the Bond: Some in support others in opposition

Understanding the Bond: Some in support others in opposition

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The group "Community For A Better Bond" calls the WFISD School Board's bond proposal a mistake. Claiming that the merging of two high schools and an early college career tech center option would cause personalized education to suffer and let fewer students participate in sports and extracurricular activities. While people in support of CFABB will vote no on the $125 million dollar bond proposal some Wichita Falls residents like Brittany Ashley said they plan to vote yes.

"I think that if we can get kids in college while still in High School it might benefit them actually finishing college," said Ashley.

Ashley said she grew up in Florida and that her high school had a program that allowed her to take college courses and earn college credits. The mother of one said her son will be attending West Foundation Elementary School next year. She does not know if her family will still be in the Falls by the time he gets to high school, but she hopes he can have the same opportunity she did when she was that age.

"It will be beneficial either way it gives him more options on what he wants to do and if that's something that he wants to pursue as far as cross training I think that would be good for him," said Ashley.

Cassie Slane said she too plans on voting in favor of the WFISD School Boards bond. The mother of three said she does not see the $125 million dollar bond proposal as a bad thing. Salne said the increase in taxes is worth a better educational future for her child.

"I think it would be a plus that way you them for themselves, they would be able to get a higher education because if you're spending thousands of dollars at a four year university or even at a community college it still limits you to what you can do so I think if they have that early head start and kinda know what is really out there for the future then it could really really help them," said Slane.

There are those who do support CFABB. Like Ashley Averette who wrote in all caps, "THIS IS A BAD IDEA," saying that she and her husband have talked about the possibility of moving if the bond is passed.

In order to help you understand the bond you can take a look at the CFABB Facebook page or get a look at the WFISD School Board bond page you can click one of the two links below.



Jack Carney, Newschannel Six