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Cloud Seeding Forum

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Seeding Operation and Atmospheric Research Team, also known as SOAR, presented a short power point showing how rain drops form and explained the differences between clouds that are seeded and clouds that are not. The director of SOAR said that cloud seeding will continue until the end of October. 

With weather modification being conducted in over forty countries, Gary Walker, SOAR's Director and Chief pilot believes the investment made by Wichita Falls would yield exponential growth in terms of rain fall.

"All water is expensive whether you pump it out of a lake or get it from a well," said Walker. "We know from a scenario of about ten percent increase in water out of cloud seeding, the return on your investment here in Wichita falls would be something like fifty to one."

One flare costs about sixty dollars and Walker's project manager, Brian Moore said that's a small price to pay for the percentage of rain that can be produced by cloud seeding.

The cloud seeding project is based at the Kickapoo airport and the cloud seeding airplane is fixed with three different types of flares.

"First we have the silver iodine flares," said Walker. "That silver iodine works in what we like to call the cold rain process. Then we have a different type of flare, that we like to call a hydroscopic flare which works better in warm water. It depends on the day, the time of year and the climate. There's a lot that goes into this process." 

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