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Community Service Champion: Special Needs Passion

There are challenges that each and every one of us faces every day. It may be in our personal lives. It may be at work. It really could be anywhere. And, a lot of times, those challenges are big hurdles to overcome. But, for Sally Stacy, the big challenges are an everyday occurrence.

"That's the beauty of this room, you get to help everybody and not be sitting to just one direction," said Stacy. "From the 6th grade on, that's all l've ever wanted to do."

Sally Stacy is a Special Education teacher at Crestview Elementary School in Graham. She is someone who thrives on a challenge.

"I like a challenge. It's fun," Stacy told us.

A challenge is what she faces daily, in every aspect of what she does. She's not just a Special Ed teacher. She is a coach in the Special Olympics. She is very active in her church as a Choir Director for Special Ministries. There is also a laundry list of other things she volunteers for each month.

Graham High School Librarian Debbie Perryman has known Sally for a decade or so.

"You hear so many people say, I don't have time. I will when I get around to it. I've never heard her say those words," said Perryman.

Debbie also knows that Sally's love for making a difference with challenged kids and adults, is a direct result of who raised Sally.

"Her mom passed away a couple of years ago," said Perryman. "She was a very special lady, and that's where Sally learned a lot about serving others, from her mother."

Sally's mother worked in the same classroom that Sally does. She taught with the same passion, and taught her the most valuable of lessons.

"She was the one that said, anytime I would say I don't think we can do this mom. We don't have time, or this isn't going to work. It'll work out. It will. And so, she told me just to have faith. That it will, it will all turn out if you just let it go. So, she's definitely my example," said Sally.

Sally has taken her adults on field trips. To San Antonio, and to Ski Apache in New Mexico. On these trips, they don't just go and look around.

"She wants our special needs kids to do everything that any other kids can do," said Perryman.

"My kids are going to be able to come back and have a story," Sally said. "I sang at Ski Apache. I also skied at Ski Apache. How awesome is that? To be physically handicapped, and everybody says you can't, you can't, you can't, and then come back and say but I did, and I had a good time," said Stacy. "I'm good at it, and I'm going back in 2 years."

Miss Stacy,  as her students call her, almost didn't pursue her dream career. She had a professor in college tell her she wasn't cut out for teaching. So, she looked into other careers. That same professor told her later, that she was wrong and that Sally would be a good teacher. When we told Miss. Stacy how much the Graham community would have missed had she not taught. She stopped us and said, that it would have been "tragic" at what she would have missed had she not become a teacher.

Chris Horgen, Newschannel 6.
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