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Nocona Inches Towards a Stage 6 Drought

The city of Nocona in Montague County is currently in a stage five drought and lake levels only continue to inch towards a stage six drought.

Nocona has been in a stage five drought since the summer of 2013.  Lake levels at Lake Nocona are currently at 815.89 feet.

"A stage six drought will kick in when the lake levels at Lake Nocona goes down about another foot or 10 inches.  It depends on how much rain we're going to get.  Last month, Lake Nocona dropped about two inches, so we probably won't go into stage six for the next 90 days," said Nocona City Council member, Bob Ferguson.

A stage six drought means new restrictions for Nocona residents, the main restriction being the elimination of all outdoor watering.

"As far as the football field for example, we need to allow them to water just for safety reasons. What Nocona I.S.D. is requesting is, if we do hit a stage six drought, then we will allow them to continue watering for one day a week," said Ferguson.

Being that Lake Nocona only needs to drop 10 more inches for the city to enter stage six, Ferguson thinks the city needs to reevaluate the current Drought Contingency plan and lower the water levels when a stage six drought should go into effect.

"At the time that our founding fathers set that up was back in the1950's when they first built the lake. We currently have one water well on line and we've got the ability to drill more. So we've got some backup systems in place," said Ferguson.  

Going into a stage six drought, some of the other possibilities Nocona has in place are more water and drilling wells. Nocona has recently applied for another water well.  Nocona has had Drought Contingency Plan for the past two years.

"Nocona really isn't in as bad of a drought stage as it sounds.  Lake Nocona still has quite a bit of water left in it and the city is not going to get to the point where we will run out of water. The city just needs more rain," said Ferguson.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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