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Shelter Demand

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Wichita Falls, TX - Tornado safety shelters are not selling well due to the drought in Texoma. 

"Why would anyone wanna storm shelter when it hardly ever rains?," said Jeff Wachsman, a Flat-Safe Tornado Shelter Representative.

Wachsman says that tornado shelters are purchased on the basis of supply and demand. The more it storms, the more people think about buying shelters.

"People are driven by storm predictions, tornado watches and severe alerts," said Wachsman. "If the weather gets bad then that's when they're gonna call and inquire about one of these."

Unfortunately, if people wait until the storms actually hit, it may be too late.

"Who know's there could be a big storm later this month and there would be more demand, a tornado can hit anywhere." 

Don Walker, a local Texoman, purchased a storm shelter just to be on the safe side.

"My wife is very scared of extreme weather," said Walker. "She saw the neighbors had one and said I want one too. We have it for peace of mind and knowing she's got a place to go."

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Brody Carter
News Channel Six