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Stage 5 Car Wash Restrictions

Stage 5 Car Wash Restrictions

As Texoma continues to be devastated by a drought, Wichita Falls could add another stage to it's drought contingency plan.  Over the last  couple months the city's Water Resources Committee has been working hard on what water restrictions would be added.

When creating stage five, the Water Resources Committee broke up water use into two main categories: essential and  non-essential.

"Car washes are not a necessity for sustaining life," said Arnold Oliver the Chair of the Water Resources Committee.  We  are trying to limit as much discretionary water use as we can without putting someone totally out of business.  We are not  putting the car washes out of business.  We are trying to restrict the amount of water they use," he said.

Stage 5 could go into affect when the combined lake levels hit 25 percent. All car washes will be closed on Sunday and  Monday.  They will also have restricted hours of operations.  Car washes will only be allowed to operate from 7:00 a.m. to  7:00 p.m.

This is a plan that both the city and the car wash industry agree on.

"We have called in all of the stake holders and asked them to give us suggestions to how they can operate under the new  water restrictions," said Oliver.

"The car wash industry in Wichita Falls is to go to a two day close Sunday and Monday if every car wash is closed on those  two days than it will have a greater impact on our water supply without hindering the citizens ability to wash their cars  and without significantly damaging the local business," said General Manager of Super All American Car Wash Jim Cadotte.

Oliver is not sure how much water the restrictions at 25 percent will save, he said we won't know until they are  implemented.

Wichita Fall Public Utilities Operations Manager Daniel Nix said if the combined lake levels hit 20 percent, the car washes would not be allowed to use city water to wash cars. They would have to use an alternate water source to operate.

Nix also said if the car washes were off city water the city would save anywhere between 25 to 30 million gallons of water that is about 2 days worth of water for Wichita Falls or about 1 to 2  years of water for some of its wholesale customers.

However, these restrictions are not official. They will be presented to city council on Tuesday, April 15.

James Parish, Newschannel 6
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