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Understanding The Bond: Committee For Better Bond Wants Texomans to Vote No

On Tuesday, the Committee For A Better Bond held a press conference to inform Texomans why it wants them to vote against the Wichita Falls Independent School District's $125 million dollar school bond proposal.

"Our committee is not anti-bond. We'll just like to see the board able to work with the community to put out a new bond later that all the students and all their parents and all the citizens in Wichita Falls can agree with," said Craig Reynolds, treasurer of the Committee For A Better Bond. 

If you ask any Texoman, for or against the WFISD's bond proposal you will get many different answers. However, if you ask members in support of the CFAB their answers are clear.

Its campaign, 'It's Ok To Vote No,' is spreading the message on how the WFISD's bond proposal will negatively affect students in the district and how it believes there is a better bond for students of Wichita Falls. 

However, it's message is not just attracting parents with students who attend schools and local residents as well. 

Freida Rodriquez, has a long tie to Wichita Falls High School. Rodriquez said, she, her husband and two children all attended Old High, as many call it. 

Rodriquez said, this upcoming bond election has a lot of history and family tradition at stake. The main reason why she said she will vote against the bond in May. 

"The students were born Coyotes from the beginning and they look forward to going to Old High." said Rodriguez.

Robin Scales, a member of the Committee For A Better Bond says other than preserving the history of the two oldest high schools in the district, there are more pressing issues. Scales believes the bond was rushed. 

"A decision that affects this many students, parents and community members, it is very important that we take our time and put together a plan and do this right," said Scales. 

The issue of consolidating the two high schools into one, the committee believes it will negatively affect students in the classroom. 

On CFAB's Facebook page, it has links to studies that speak to its stance. 

"Studies show that students get the best education in smaller schools," said Scales. 

Stacy Curd, a Wichita Falls resident is also opposed to WFISD's bond proposal. Her concerns stem from the transportation aspect of the bond. She believes busing students across town to one large, high school is not in the best interest of students. 

"Teenagers don't like to get up and you're going to force kids to get up an hour earlier and get home an hour later," said Curd.

Curd also said, she's in favor of smaller schools and believes three high schools best serves the Wichita Falls community.

All reasons why the Committee For A Better Bond wants Texomans to vote against the bond May 10.


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