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Gaming Precaution

There is a new effort to understand why teens want to buy and play violent video games. There are numerous studies linking violent video games and aggressive behavior.  Now, researchers at Oxford University are trying to figure out what is the motivation for children who want to play violent video games.

One Texoma Clinical Psychologist believes parents play a huge role.

"Certainly which games they buy and how many hours they're allowed to play, it can all greatly impact how aggressive their child might be.  If a child spends hours doing nothing but interacting with an artificial game, they're not learning good social skills," said Texoma Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim Robinson. 

"You would hope in real life that someone would approach a problem by trying to talk to someone and try to find a common ground or compromise. What you learn in violent video games, is that the way you win, you kill your opponent, there is no discussion. I don't know if that's the skill we want to pass on to the next generation.  "If someone is trying to learn something new and they're trying to master the skill of a new game that can become very frustrating. Because of that frustration and the fact that they are in a competitive mood, you don't draw that fine line between that fantasy and real life," said Robinson.

It is the parents who should help their child have a balance of activities in their lives.

Finding some balance in terms of maybe an hour of a video game a day and then maybe going outside and doing some sports activities. If all you're doing is working in that very enclosed isolated environment where all you're doing is playing video games, that's not preparing you for life skills," said Robinson.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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