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Tx-DOT Raise Work Zone Safety

Departments of Transportation all across the country are bringing awareness to 'Work Zone Safety.'

If you drive down Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls you will see orange covering the front lawn of the Wichita Falls Texas Department of Transportation. 

It's to bring awareness to work zone safety.

"When you see orange you're are going through a construction zone," said Adele Lewis, Public Information Officer, Texas Department of Transportation of Wichita Falls.

Tx-Dot says it hopes, the 'See Orange, Slow Down' campaign will help reduce the amount of work zone crashes in the state. 

"Typically, we lose about 150 people in work zone crashes every year because of errant vehicles," said Lewis.

Lewis said, bringing awareness of the issue is key.

"When we looked at these accidents and why there happening, the people are driving too fast and their distracted by either their phone or commotion in the car," said Lewis. 

Outside of Tx-Dot's office there are 115 orange cones. Each of the cones represent a person killed in a work zone crash in Texas last year. Of the 115 killed, 96 were drivers and passengers, not workers.

Only one Tx-Dot worker was killed in 2013. The remaining were contract workers. 

"The people that really need to pay attention to this campaign and orange cones are drivers," said Lewis. 

Lewis said, over the past few years Tx-DOT and Texas lawmakers have done everything they can to ensure drivers safety. 

Last year, Texas state legislature passed a law requiring drivers to either slow down or pull over when passing Tx-DOT workers. 

Tx-Dot has also stepped up, installing rumble strips as a signal to drivers they are entering into a work zone, installing crash cushions behind Tx-DOT vehicles, and providing more lighting around construction sites. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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