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STEP 2nd Quarter Results: Aims To Curve Traffic Violations In Texoma

The Wichita Falls Police Deparment released the second quarter results for the Selective Traffic Enforcement program.

The program heavily funded by the Texas Department of Transportation provides funding to police departments to pay officers overtime to better help enforce traffic violations.

Rebecca Schroder, a Texoma driver said speeding motorists is a big problem in Texoma.

 ‘They drive pretty fast, very aggressive. I drive the speed limit and they are right up behind me,” said Schroder.

“I had them just about run over me a few times, “ said Beth Watson, a Texoma driver.

Jeff Hughes, Public Information Officer for the W.F.P.D. said its officers worked 425 hours and drove 4,052 miles enforcing , “D.W.I.’s, seat belts, speeding. We also look at intersections, stop signs and red lights.”

Hughes said officers worked an additional forty hours in comparison to last quarter, bringing in an additional work week worth of stats.

In the second quarter, stop sign, speeding and red light violations increased.

“When the light turns yellow it doesn’t necessarily mean to hit the gas and go through it. You need to proceed with caution,” said Hughes.

Jose Jose, a Wichita Falls resident said he does not drive, but says he crosses intersections very often and says sometimes it can be very scary.

“You walking in the street, you think people are not watching you. You thinking the red light is going to change and you’re walking and you can get hit,” said Jose.

Some Texomans believe that extra patroling by police may be the best way to curve traffic offenders.

“I think it could. More patrols are out the more people will slow down, hopefully, “ said Schroder.

Law enforcement said the third quarter of STEP began on April 1 and will go through the end of June.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

2nd Quarter (January –March) TxDOT Comprehensive STEP Grant Stats:

·         523 Speeding tickets

·         91 Stop sign tickets

·         33 Red light tickets

·         166 Adult seat belts

·         9 Child seat belts/Safety seats

·         112 Other Intersection tickets

·         155 Non-Hazardous tickets

·         6 Arrests

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