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Possible Drought Relief?

95% of the drought stricken area in Texas has been labeled a natural disaster. Congressman, Mac Thornberry visited Alcoa Howmat to commend them on their water conservation strategies. He also spoke with news reporters about his visit to Wichita Falls and potential aids in helping with Texoma's natural disaster. 

Thornberry says that if the drought continues at this pace, it could move into what is known as a Presidential Disaster Area. This has not been done in many decades and is a viable option when it comes to the preservation of what little water we have left. 

"Now if that happens basically that means its access to loans and that sort of thing," said Thornberry. "It can't make it rain but it is a different kind of financial help."

Thornberry says the money will be used to develop more water resources and technology to do so. He also said the most important part of an industy is to have water. That without water, a company can't produce their product.

"Obviously a number of diff. industries in our area have to have water to make their product," said Thornberry. "If they couldn't do that then there isn't any reason to have the jobs here.>
Congressman Thornberry said it takes everyone doing their part to conserve what little water we have left. 

"Number one, businesses have to use water to stay in business," said Thornberry. "That's where the jobs come from. So, they have to use water. Secondly, where you have companies like Halmat voluntarily improving their use of water, recycling water, etc. then that's the key combo that keeps the jobs here."
"There's not a silver bullet answer, it's about making better use of the water we have," said Thornberry.
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