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Fearful Farmers

Fearful Farmers

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Texomans have been looking for an answer to help deal with the profit losses suffered under the region’s drought. Today, over 50 farmers were gathered at the Wilbarger County Exhibit Building to learn about what the recently passed 2014 Farm Bill. Wheat farmer Ronnie Wilson says he worries the new bill will not do enough for him.

"We've had yields of zero for some years and that's going to bring it down and that's going to hurt us on whatever we can get out of our insurance crop cause they are basically going on the average yield," said Wilson.

The recently passed bill saw an increase to crop insurance payments and a decrease in direct cash payments to farmers. The only problem is that insurance payment is given out based on a ten year crop yield average. Most farmers like Wilson have seen zero yields in the last three year’s substantially dropping the true value of the crop.

Wilson said that there is already evidence of drought damage to this year’s crop and the forecasted frost set to come in tonight could kill off this year’s yield too. When you walk around the field you notice that the crops are a foot shorter than they should be at this time of the year.

For Wilson it's just another heartache, another year down the drain on the wheat crop. The newly passed farm bill might not be able to do enough to help this farmer get himself and his crops out of the dusty drought.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6