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Iowa Park to Use Well Water for City Attractions

     The drought continues to impact Texoma. The latest changes involve the swimming attractions in Iowa Park. 

     City leaders said Monday, they are making some changes that people may not notice. At Monday's city council meeting it was decided that well water would be used to fill the city pool and splash park in Iowa Park. 

     The changes are being made to help conserve water, while still allowing residents to enjoy splashing around this summer. 

     While it's going to take some work, Iowa Park's City Manager, Michael Price, said the city is ready to help in any way they can. 
     "It's going to require some modification to the pump station to do that, but we're cognizant of the fact that we are in a drought. We understand that Wichita Falls is requesting that no potable water will be used to fill swimming pools and we're going to adhere to that," Price said. 
     The city pool and splash park will open Saturday, May 31st. 
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