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Tighter Gun Restrictions?

Tighter restrictions on gun control could impact gun owners and potential buyers in Texoma. President Barack Obama requested $1.1 billion dollars for gun control. The Department of Justice requested $382 million. This money will be used to protect Americans from gun violence. 

Many Texomans refused to speak on camera about their frustrations with more strict gun control. Heather Reitsma, a firearm instructor and Owner of Point Blank, represented those people.

"I think it's more of our rights being taken away and somebody taking our guns away," said Reitsma. "And I think the community feels that also." 

Local gun stores sell semi-automatic guns and large caliber rifles. With the pass of the President's request, these guns will have a more strict ban. Other provisions include limiting ammunition magazines to ten rounds, getting armor-piercing bullets off the streets and giving law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crimes. 

Reitsma said people who want guns will get their hands on them whether there's restrictions in the way or not. 

"To me it feels like no matter how much gun control we have, the bad guys are gonna get their firearms," said Reitsma. "They're always gonna find a way. So that's not gonna stop somebody from getting a firearm just doing a background check."
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