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Stage 5 Catastrophe

Stage 5 Catastrophe

The city of Wichita Falls will be increasing water rates for those who use more than 10 units or 10,000 units of water per household per month. Wichita Falls will only enter into the stage 5 drought restrictions once combined lake levels at both lakes Arrowhead and Kickapoo. The room was packed with people, many of them businesses owners who were concerned about what’s going to happen once the city drought restrictions go into effect.

"I don't see the elimination of my product and our business, total elimination of our business is going to provide essential water to the citizens of Wichita Falls," said Paul Buckingham of Outback Pools and Spas.

The proposed stage 5 drought plan called for a complete ban on refilling or adding potable water to public or private pools. Buckingham argues that the jacuzzi type pools, spas and hot-tubs he sells don't make are able to use and then reuse small amounts water over a large time span.

"I can take this appliance bring power to it, fill it with water we can reuse that same water for a full 12 months," said Buckingham.

Wichita Falls self service car wash business owner Chuck Bradley argued against the city’s proposed hourly car wash ban limiting operation to five 5 days a week Tuesday through Saturday and only from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bradley said he was fine with closing an extra day but the hourly ban was going to affect self washes like his versus the bigger car washes. While bigger car washes can lock up their garage Bradley explained closing was not as easy for him.

 "It's the self service car washes that are being punished to begin with and then you making us go down and close the seven to seven it's not something you can just put on a timer we have to go put cones down and  turn electric off plumbing," said Bradley, owner of Quick & Easy Pawn Shop & Car Wash.

Another line in the original proposal would give Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russel Schriber the power to call the city into give the public works director the ability to enact some type of water restrictions when we don't have time to convene to council. Schriber argues that should an emergency water disaster occur there won't be enough time to council and call for the proposed changes. With water being so precious Schriber argues that action would need to taken immediately.

Jim Cadotte of All-American Car Wash says that's a bad idea. Arguing that All-American car wash and other business owners should be able to debate and discuss restrictions.

In the end District 4 City Councilmen Tim Ingle motioned to eliminate hourly car wash restrictions Tuesday through Saturday, allow citizens the ability to refill  jacuzzi-type pools, spas and hot-tubs. The motion was passed and approved. All city council members voting in favor of the amended stage 5 drought plan.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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