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Self-Conscious Selfies

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Taking a Selfie, which is the act of taking a photograph of yourself could actually be the side effect of a serious mental illness. People who obsessively take pictures of themselves could have what is known as body dysmorphic disorder, or B.D.D.

Hannah Fryer, the Executive Director for NAMI, said that selfie obsession could be a symptom of B.D.D. 

"Specifically with body dysmorphic disorder, it's a perception of perceived flaws," said Fryer. "That when people look in the mirror they see something completely different than you or I would. They generally tend to focus on the negatives. Their perceived flaws are the point of obsession."

People suffering from this mental illness are said to be subject to higher rates of suicide.

One symptom of BDD could cause an individual to try and take the perfect picture to present to the world. Fryer says this obsessive desire could be deadly.

"If they can't find that perfection and it stems from a mental disorder, they can have extremely high suicide rates," said Fryer.

Fryer says there have been several University studies showing that those who take more self-portraits or selfies actually have a detached connection in their relationships. This could lead to a more shallow, surface level connection with people.