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State Park Drought Watch

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Lake Arrowhead State Park, known for its recreational water sports is hurting under the current drought conditions. With a lake level of 24.3%, not many are visiting the park. 
Keith Gauthier, Lake Arrowhead's State Park Ranger, conducted an interview at the bottom of the lake, below the park's pier. 
"Normally water would be 18 feet above our heads," said Gauthier, who is standing beneath the pier far from any water. 
Lake Arrowhead is not the only state park suffering the droughts severe consequences.
"I think the totality of the circumstances has hurt us more here in Wichita Falls," said Gauthier. "Basically, all of West Texas and the Southwest is being affected by this. We are not the only body of water suffering." Look at Lake Meredith, it's almost gone."
Texomans are concerned about state parks and about the water, "I would personally encourage everyone to experience it first hand. To experience the park, and to look at the lake," said Gauthier. "I believe if people took at this first hand people would definitely do their best to conserve water. You bet ya."
The State park is also affecting wildlife and the local environment. 
"Some of the fish have gone and died on the shore," said Gauthier. "You don't see as many migrating birds as you used to. The habitat for it just is not here right now."
Park officials are creating a new program to get texomans out to the park during the drought.
"The drought has hurt us so horribly, we have created a new program called drought days," said Gauthier. "It's the last Sunday of every month, we encourage folks to come out. It's at ten and two p.m. where our park interpreter will be putting on a presentation right here on this fishing pier." 
The presentation is completely free to the public as long as they specify, they're there for the presentation. 
Brody Carter 
News Channel Six.