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Understanding the Bond: How Will You Vote?

Understanding the Bond: How Will You Vote?

Wichita Falls is nearing now less than a month away from voting on it's school boards 2014 $125 million  bond proposal. The proposal includes everything from security upgrades, a new facility for career and college preparation and even new and renovated high school and junior high school facilities. The WFISD school board has been working on the proposal for nearly two years, but much of the community seems to be split over which way they will vote.

Today Newschannel 6 went to neighborhoods knocking on doors to get a better pulse for how the community feels about the bond proposal. One resident of Farington road said he would be supporting the bond in the belief that it will provide better educational opportunity for students while bringing the industry back to the community. Two blocks down on Clarinda avenue another resident said if the bond is passed, she will take her kids out of WFISD and enroll them in City View Junior/Senior High School. 

Teresa Cave works is with Bond and Build 2014 she says that the bond proposal is going to attract businesses and professionals to Wichita Falls. Cave is not the only alone, she said the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce has made vocal their support for the bond. If the bond passes Cave said that this would help Wichita Falls build and maintain a strong workforce that will be ready for life beyond high school.

"We have to offer CTE so that we can not only prepare kids for college, but we can prepare them for job ready certification. So that when they graduate from high school they can make and earn more money while they go to college or they can move into that job skill," said Cave.

Below are links to the facebook pages of Build and Bond 2014 and Community for a Better Bond. Below the facebook pages is another link to the WFISD 2014 School Bond page.




Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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