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Drought Watch

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Data from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality states that two cities in Clay County have the potential to run out of water if conservation efforts are not being made.

Kent Neville, Clay County Emergency Management Coordinator says, “I heard figures anywhere from 90 days, many from September or to December.”

Neville says city of Wichita Falls owns Lake Arrowhead. The city then sells water to Archer County, Clay County and Red River Authority and they sell it to Dean Dale Water Supply Corporation.

Lately, Dean Dale Water Supply has cut back on how much they’re selling to residents.

Mike Kumor, the mayor of Byers says his city was asked to cut back thirty five percent of their Dean Dale water.

“We have discussed is our city council meetings that before long we’ll have to seek out another well or two,” Kumor.

Brody Carter
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