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H20 Now

A Texoma group is hoping to help the city of Wichita Falls tackle the current drought situation.  Many Wichita Falls residents questioned the owners of Smith Gardentown Farms as to what some of their plans were going through the drought.  The questions led Co-Owner of Smith Gardentown Farms, Katherine Smith to form an answer, H20 Now.

"H20 Now is just a group of citizens who've been meeting and talking about how we can help the city, our city leaders, the city staff and how we can reassure people that Wichita Falls is going to make it through this drought," said Smith.

About 50 people are in the H20 Now group.

"We've got realtors, we've got some doctors we have other business people.  There are even people who have expressed an interest to us in trying to help the situation," said Smith. 

One of the H20 group members include realtor, Denny Bishop.

"I was more than willing to join because the drought is one biggest issues that we've had here since I can remember," said Bishop.

Smith, Bishop and many others in the H20 Now group plan to help the city staff as well as city leaders with research and conservation.

"We can help some of the city staff get through the massive piles of paperwork that they're having to do to satisfy the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  People come up with ideas, but all of them require a lot of research and perhaps we can help with that.  We want to let people know that things are being done, that people are conserving.  Those that are not conserving, we want to encourage them to conserve.  Others who are really worried, we want them to know that the city is working on the problem and we're searching for other sources of water," said Smith.

With the 50 people who have been actively meeting, H20 Now is now ready to go public.

"The drought is an urgent situation, we know that some people are putting their houses on the market because they're just afraid that the city of Wichita Falls is not going to have water," said Smith.

Smith has even inviting people from surrounding towns to join H20 Now, because she says the drought is affecting all of Texoma. 

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6

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