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Coldwater Creek Closing

One of the employers in Wichita Falls will soon be closing it's doors for good. The women's clothing store Coldwater Creek  Filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 11th....  
As a result all stores will be closing. There is one store in Wichita Falls located in the Quail Creek shopping center off Lawrence Road.  As to when this store will close no word has been released yet.....  
Coldwater creek's president & CEO Jill Dean released this statement to us:

" A few days ago, we announced the heartbreaking news that our business is no longer sustainable and over the new few months, we will begin to liquidate all business operations. Since then, we have been deeply touched by all your feedback, posts, emails and calls. Your comments continue to flood in, and help us remember what the last 30 years have truly been Our loyal and valued customers.

We couldn't have built this business without you and we're grateful you're with us as we bring things to a close. Thank you for being the most important part of who we are."
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