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Water Park Creates Splash of Jobs In Texoma

Castaway Cove Water Park will be holding a job fair on Tuesday to fill seasonal positions at its park this summer.

“The opportunity to work this summer will be really good," said Robert Stacey, a Wichita Falls resident.

Robert is one of many Texomans who will be working at Castaway Cove Water Park this summer. He said not only does he have a job but he also gets to accomplish one of his goals.

"I been wanting to be a life guard for a little while and want to have that work experience Castaway Cove is offering. I think it’s kind of cool, because they actually have classes here that you can take and become, get your certificate as a lifeguard,” said Stacey.

Castaway Cove Water Park owned by the city will be hiring up to 200 people for seasonal positions.

"This is a great start for kids at 15 their first job or kids coming home from college to work somewhere during the summer, adults, people of all ages. It’s a great opportunity to just a summer job,” said Karen Hardi, Group Sales & Marketing Manager at Castaway Water Park.

Hardi said benefits to working at the park are the flexibility in work hours.

“Sometimes people want to work X amount of hours per week. Sometimes people leave in the middle of the summer to go back to school," said Hardi.

Park officials said because of the successful season it had last year they will be able to pay haul well water to its park this summer and also be able to pump nearly a half million dollars back into the local economy through jobs.

"We did a lot last year to conserve water as much as possible as much as we could with the drought situation and now we're bringing in well water. We are not got to be using the city's water to maintain our pool levels," said Hardi.

And first time job seekers are looking forward to receiving the benefits.

"To make some money and so i won't be bored during the summer time,” Timothy Trillo, a Wichita Falls resident.

"Make some money and stay out of trouble," Tyler Scallion, a Wichita Falls resident.  

"I want a job and it's a good place to work at least that's what I heard,” said Yulissa Izaguyree, a Wichita Falls resident.

The park said positions range from life guards, retail, food & beverage, admissions, sales and maintenance and grounds.

Hourly pay depends on position, but ranges from $6 to $10 an hour.

The job fair will take place Tuesday at Castaway Cove Water Park from 3 to 6 p.m., located at the guest picnic area.

The park is scheduled to open on May 24th.

Jimmie Johnson
, Newschannel 6

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