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Understanding the Bond: Repurpose McNiel Junior High

Understanding the Bond: Repurpose McNiel Junior High

The Wichita Falls Independent School Districts board of trustees is asking for 2.3 million dollars in order to renovate and repurpose McNiel Junior High School into a 9th grade center capable of holding 700 plus students. The upgrades would go towards new flooring, painting, ceiling fixtures and making the campus more handicap accessible. WFISD School Board President Kevin Goldstein says that building the 9th grade campus is crucial to making sure that students are able to set themselves up for success.

"It's their freshman year all dropouts points to what happens in their freshman year of what information they got how organized they were how involved their parents were," said Goldstein.

Many other school districts in the Metroplex have been using 9th grade campuses for years. Goldstein said that it helps the student ease the transition into a big school setting.

"We did our research on it and again its a model that’s why its a model that filed across the state and the nation and we've seen success from that standpoint," said Goldstein.

Goldstein said the school board worked tirelessly with community groups, even setting up public forums and town hall meeting both before and after the bond was passed. The community facilities action team was one of those community groups that gave input on what they would want to see issued in the bond.

"Our proposals to the CFAT on the highly recommended items. When the CFAT came back to us and said we talked about that concept one of their main thrust was wherever the school was at, if we were gonna choose a freshman center concept, they wanted the freshman center to be as close as it can be to the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade center," said Goldstein.

Early voting begins Monday, April 28th and will continue through May 6th. The final day to vote will be on Saturday May 10th.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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