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Drought Watch: Vernon Water Wells

A new water well to be built in Vernon has city leaders hoping to stay in a stage four drought and even hoping to go back to a stage three drought. 

The water well that is currently being used at the Goss Farm in Vernon is only producing 35 gallons of water per minute which isn't enough water for the city. 

"We were looking for something more on the order of 250 gallons a minute," said Mayor of Vernon, Jeff Bearden. 

All of the other wells in Vernon produce around 250 gallons of water per minute, which is why Vernon city council members felt a new water well was worth the investment. 

"We're going to go over and look at another location and look at the data there.  We're going to look at our driller consultant's advice and try to sink a well that will produce a little bit more water that is more consistent with the amounts that we're getting out of our other wells," said Bearden. 

Bearden hopes a new water well in the city will also bring hope to many Vernon residents. 

 "If it doesn't rain at some point, we may have to rely on a greater number of the smaller volume wells but we're not quite there yet.  Hopefully the new water well will keep us in a stage four drought. If we can get some rain, maybe we can look for the day when we can go back to stage 3," said Bearden. 

The new well will be placed in the northern part of Vernon in the Winston Field. The water well will be used as soon as it gets up and running. 

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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