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New Information: Sheppard Gets the "All Clear"

Wichita Falls - The Wichita Falls Police Department assisted Sheppard Air Force Base while it was on lockdown Thursday afternoon. 

This is part of an understanding an agreement between WFPD and SAFB.

The WFPD helped secure gates at the base. They only assisted outside the base, no officers went inside the base. WFPD also had its SWAT team on standby. 

The base was on lockdown while it investigated a possible active shooter report. 

The Public Affairs office Director, George Woodward, called Newschannel 6 shortly after 3:30 p.m. to alert us the lockdown was over. 

Woodward confirmed the base was notified earlier in the afternoon of a possible active shooter. It happened at the same time the base was conducting an "Active Shooter Exercise." A contractor was working near the location of the exercise, and someone inside the building heard noise made by a jackhammer. The person called the base to report the noise. (Some people describe the sound of a jackhammer as being similar to gunfire.)

Woodward said the base followed safety procedures while officials made 100 percent certain there was not an active shooter on base. 
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