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Sheppard Air Force Base Scare

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Wichita Falls, TX - Sheppard Air Force Base went into full lock down during their three day, on-going safety exercise due to a jackhammer.

George Woodward, the Director of Public Affairs held a press conference to clarify the confusion and calm public nerves.

“Today we had a pre-planned shooter exercise,” said Woodward. “Part of this exercise used blank rounds. We had notified the authorities so folks were expecting the sounds of gun fire. During the exercise a contractor was working on the roads using a jackhammer.”

From the inside of the building, it sounded like a gun being fired in unmarked exercise territory. Sheppard then reported it as an active shooter.

“Our security forces responded very quickly and realized mostly what they were looking at was someone with a jackhammer,” said Woodward.

The base is now clear and back on their regular schedule.